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Repair Procedures

To help you better understand the “Repair Process” that your vehicle will go through, we have created a “Flow Chart” that highlights the typical procedures and processing steps that will be addressed during the repair process.


1. Estimate For Damage Is Prepared 10. Structural & Body Repairs Take Place
2. Owner Authorizes Repairs 11. Priming, special coatings, stone chip guard & Corrosion Protection Is Applied
3. Insurance Negotiations Take Place 12. Vehicle Is Washed & Chemically Cleaned Prior To Paint Refinish
4. Parts Are Ordered & Received 13. Vehicle Undergoes Multi-Step Refinishing Process In Down Draft Paint Booth
5. Vehicle Is Scheduled Into The Shop For Repairs 14. Vehicle Paint Refinish is Baked to Factory Standards
6. Vehicle Is Disassembled And Inspected For Hidden Damage 15. Vehicle Is Buffed And Polished To Match Factory Paint Finish
7. Supplement Report May Need To Be Written & Approved For Latent And Hidden Damage 16. Reassembly, Wheel Alignment, Detailing And Final Repair "Quality Inspection"
8. If Additional Parts Are Needed, Then They Are Ordered 17. Vehicle Is Road Tested And Undergoes "Final Delivery" Inspection by Estimator/Manager
9. Customer notified of Targeted Delivery Date for completion 18. Customer Is Notified Of Completion Of Repairs And Arrangements Are Made To Collect or Deliver Their Vehicle

Although we make every effort to meet the “Target Delivery Date” we propose, it is important to note that the dates proposed are estimated delivery dates. During the course of the repairs it is possible that we uncover additional or hidden damage. This may require additional parts orders and result in additional labor repair time, which would affect the original proposed delivery target date. We will however make every effort not to inconvenience you.

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